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The Fleshlight is the most famous pocket pussy toy for men in the world..and for good reason..

How to use your Fleshlight masturbator

The Fleshlight is the closest to an artificial vagina that man has come to inventing...a pocket pussy that you can always keep by your side, even on your travels. Not only that, but the Fleshlight comes in a near infinity of shapes, textures, and patterns - whatever your taste in pussy, there is a Fleshlight for you..

tenga-craterTenga Egg Crater ($13.99)

Tenga Eggs are one time use luxury sex toys that take masturbation to a whole new level.

These pocket pussy toys are ideal for taking with you on a overnight trip, or simply as a luxury masturbation session.

They come in a variety of textures - this one is filled with delicious crater shaped nodules arranged in an intricate pattern.

NOBODY tries a TENGA Egg without a big grin on his face after dumping his cum in one!

cinnamen-cyber-strokerCyberSkin Cinnamon Pussy ($29)

If you're a fan of sweet ebony cinnamon pussy, then this little stroker is for you!

Ultra-realistic with its cute puckered lips and dark cinnamon CyberSkin, this is a life-like pocket pussy for brown sugar lovers.

Also has a tight asshole opening for some backdoor fun.  Great value at only $29!

saturday-night-specialCyberskin Saturday Night Special ($21)

One of the most realistic pocket pussy toys we've ever seen.  This highly regarded and rated pocket pussy is made from ultra life-like Cyberskin fleshy material.  It's pussy is pretty and real and cries out for your cock to enter its sweet lips!  What's even better about this pussy is that you can switch to slamming its cute tight asshole at the back of the masturbator!